Oh, Mexico

bloody maries

Bon Voyage and Bottoms Up!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have been gearing up for a cruise!  Brian and I are headed to Catalina, California and Ensenada, Mexico (via San Diego!) for a little five-day vacation.  We leave this evening and we’re very excited!

On the down side, this means no new recipes for about a week. On the up side, I will be eating many delicious things on the cruise and while in port, so I will come back with lots inspiration to share with you!  I might even post some vacation photos.

One thing vacation means is cocktails at fun times of the day…like breakfast (ha).  With that in mind, I leave you with a divine recipe for a delicious Bloody Mary, one of our favorite cocktails.

Customizable Bloody Mary
makes 1

Combine one shot (or more, I don’t judge) vodka, a few shakes Worcestershire sauce, a few drops Tabasco, a few cracks of pepper, and few shakes of celery salt in pint glass. Fill with tomato juice (or V8 – I like the low sodium one), stir well to combine, and garnish with celery.  Bottoms up!

Quantities can be adjusted based on how spicy you like it!  If you’re feeling lazy, like I will be this week, my favorite mix is Mr. and Mrs. T’s Spicy mix…I really recommended them, they taste just as good!


Brian’s Key Lime Sublime

Key Lime SublimeMy boyfriend Brian makes fab cocktails.  He came over the other night for a post-work cocktail, only to find that there weren’t really any mixers in my house (greattt job Laur).  We found a week-old bottle of tangerine lime seltzer and key limes…”That will work,” he said, and my champion improviser went to work.

We were both expecting sub-par, but this drink turned out to be great – I credit the bartending skills (…and the limes).

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