Pizza Margherita

pizza marg close

Wow, so time flies/disappears when you work three jobs. I haven’t posted since the 16th!  I am so sorry, dear readers….I’ve been busy pouring wine, eating cheese, chasing around an adorable two-year-old, writing newsletters, and sending out press releases.

Three jobs, two college classes, and I love it all. This means I’m happy but tired. Most days, I come home ready to crawl into bed and snug the dog. On the days when I feel motivated, it’s usually because I have pizza and wine on the brain.  Oh yes. Nothing beats a homemade pizza, straight out of the oven, paired with a fabulous wine.

My recent pick? Vihuela Incendio, a blend of Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Cab. It’s a fantastic pizza wine, with just the right amount of acidity to balance out that of the tomatoes in this classic Pizza Margherita. I feel more relaxed already…

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My Favorite Pizza Dough Recipe


I first made this dough in July 2008 when my now-boyfriend came over for dinner.  Even though we burnt it that night, we knew we had found an amazing recipe, because it was still delicious. Since then, we have used this recipe over and over for lots of pizza nights, cooked both on the grill and in the oven.  The pizza comes out crispy and chewy…definitely professional-status, especially when you take into account that most pizza found in California is pretty terrible.  We actually grilled pizza this past weekend for some company, and it was a hit!

I made another batch of dough this evening (hey…I don’t let good cheese go to waste!).  It only takes about five minutes of hands-on time, total, so it’s great for a weeknight meal.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, I do not cook my pizza on the grill.  What’s great about this dough is it is extremely versatile and can be cooked in a regular old oven.  I use a pizza stone, but I bet a baking dish would work just fine as well. Read on for the official recipe, and to see what I did!

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