Halibut and Vegetables en Papillote

Tim and I have a fantastic 2011 resolution (one that we actually started in December – how’s that for being early birds?)…and let me start out by saying that it was his idea! We are trying at least one new recipe each per week. It has to be either a food or cooking technique that we have both never tried, and those are the only rules. My secret goal is to show him how non-meat dishes can be filling and delicious.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce the most fail-proof, delicious, healthiest way to cook fish: en papillote! Papillote sounds fancy and French, right? So misleading (ha)…it just means that you fold parchment paper into a little pocket, add fish, veggies, and wine, and let it bake for a few moments. The fish and veggies steam in the packet, and you end up with the most tender, flavorful fish imaginable.

This was probably the most fun we’ve ever had cooking together, and having our own individual packets made it easy to customize our dinner to our individual tastes – definitely a great date night cooking recipe!

Can you tell whose papillote was whose?

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Blackened Opah

Oh my goodness. It’s the last day of August, and I haven’t posted since the first. It’s the end of summer, but wait…was summer here? It’s been so cold, and the grapes are 2+ weeks behind. My skin is still white white white, and um…I haven’t made it to the beach since last year? I almost feel like a bad Californian!

Luckily, we’ve been eating well. We managed to BBQ a lot, at least once a week, and I grilled fish for the first time – enter, this Opah.

Opah are huge – like, as big as your wingspan. They aren’t intentionally fished, but are caught in the nets made for tuna, and the texture is like a cross between Tuna and Swordfish. When I went to¬†Pier 46, I was planning on getting Swordfish, but once I saw the Opah I knew I needed to try something new, and Eric was very patient in answering all my questions (as always!). Pier 46 is the best!

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