Potato-Leek Soup

Living in wine country is pretty amazing, and working in wine country is even better. I get to help brides plan their weddings, coordinate big fancy dinners, and even host fashion shows! On December 11, Central Coast Fashion Week is coming to JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery! It is going to be spectacular. I spent yesterday in the barrel chai (aka cave) with the talent of three models, a producer, a photographer, a videographer, and a hair and makeup artist. Models in tutu’s among the barrels? Yes please! Be sure to watch their website and Facebook page for the photos.

sweet life laur

There is nothing like nine hours with teeny models to remind you that due to consuming an excess of fine wine and cheese more often than not, you maybe have a few pounds to lose. And that maybe you should ditch the croissants for a healthy and delicious soup…like this one.

This is the second time this year that I’ve posted a Potato-Leek Soup recipe (find the first here), but this one is so good I must share. I recently read through many, many pages of David Lebovitz’ blog about living and cooking in Paris, as another thing working at JUSTIN has done for me is make me realize that I am dying to learn French. So that’s that…enjoy!

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Leek and Potato Soup

I think it’s safe to say that of all the months, January is the most perfect month for soup. January is all darkness that comes too early, windchill, and post-holiday pudge. Soups are simple, warming, and healthy. See the balance?

Some soups, like this one, take very little time to prepare. This is great when you’re getting home from a long day of work and it’s dark because it’s winter and you’re exhausted and hungry.

Soups are a great diet staple, whether you want to lose weight or just eat healthy. Soups are generally vegetable-focused, and we all know veggies provide fiber and good nutrients. Broth is basically calorie-free (just pay attention to sodium!).

Veggies + Low-Cal = great detox tool if you accidently put on three pounds between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (yes, that’s right, three pounds in six days, folks. It happened to me!).

Try a bowl of this tasty Leek and Potato Soup – it should make your January a little cozier!

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