Brian’s Key Lime Sublime

Key Lime SublimeMy boyfriend Brian makes fab cocktails.  He came over the other night for a post-work cocktail, only to find that there weren’t really any mixers in my house (greattt job Laur).  We found a week-old bottle of tangerine lime seltzer and key limes…”That will work,” he said, and my champion improviser went to work.

We were both expecting sub-par, but this drink turned out to be great – I credit the bartending skills (…and the limes).

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Tangy Key Lime Pie


So it turns out that before this week, NO ONE in my house had ever tried key lime pie.  Neither had my boyfriend.  Neither had I, although I did have the chance once.  In fifth grade, one of my classmates went to the Florida Keys, and his mom brought back a couple key lime pies for the class.  I was a picky child, afraid of trying new things, and so I was the only one who refused a slice.  Everyone in my class thought I was crazy, and now I know why.

After reading the intro for this recipe on Food and Wine, I knew it was time.  It’s an old-fashioned recipe, and the filling has only three ingredients.  Plus, I had never made a custard of any sort, so I wanted to give it a try.

The verdict: My family members couldn’t get over how good it was.  And no one could believe they had never tried it before.  Yess.

Read on for the recipe and more photos, and scroll to the bottom for a fun key lime fact!

(By the way, I am now one of the only people I know who will try almost anything – from a hallucinogenic drink made by a shaman in the Ecuadorian Amazon, to Mezcal with scorpions in the bottle, to eel, to kava…and much more!)

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