Fresh Pappardelle with Brown Butter and Sage Sauce

My mom went to San Francisco to visit my brother last week, and she brought home some amaaaazing fresh pasta that she got in the Ferry Building. When I get my hands on really nice pasta, I like to do something simple with it, usually just olive oil and parmesan. Last night, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try a brown butter sage sauce…and it came out beautifully!

I didn’t really get this recipe from any one place, I’ve just read about how to make it many times. It’s simple; just brown the butter and add the sage! It seems a little scary, because everyone’s like, “Don’t burn the butter!!!” As long as you keep your flame low, you should be fine….and if you do burn it, it’s just a few tablespoons of butter and you can start over!

I see brown butter and sage sauce a lot with gnocchi or butternut squash ravioli. It is rich and feels very decadent, but super easy and inexpensive. This would be great for a dinner party, it would take you away from your guests for only about ten minutes!

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