Salted Brown Butter Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted Brown Butter Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies – say that three times fast! These cookies are a unique twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie. Usually I use a semi-sweet chocolate chip, but I saw these extra-large Guittard Milk Chocolate Chips and wanted to try them out (though I think dark chocolate would be even better). The browned butter adds a special richness and delicate sweetness to the cookie, and the sea salt balances the sweetness out. These would be a fantastic addition to a cookie tin for the upcoming holiday season.

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Big Chunky White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies


Normally, I think of big, chunky cookies as things to eat when it’s cold out…not so much when the weather is warm, and especially not during bathing suit season.

Normally, I make my cookies on the small side, but when it’s a big, chunky one it just doesn’t feel right to shrink it.

Normally, I don’t even really like white chocolate that much.

Oddly enough….I have been thoroughly enjoying these White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.  They’re giant, and chock-full of deliciousness.

So for now, these are going to pretend to be a summer food.  Macadamia nuts are from Hawaii, after all, where it’s summer all year!

leaning tower

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Guittard Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guittard originals

You know you’ve found an amazing recipe when everyone has at least three helpings, each.  Oh yes…these cookies are irresistible.  I baked a batch for a family gathering recently, and people couldn’t stop raving…or having “just one more.”  It was awesome.  Bring a batch of these gems to a party and everyone will want to be your friend.

For some crazy reason, Guittard Chocolate Chips were on clearance recently at Albertsons.  I bought a few bags, but I should have bought more because these cookies go fast…and now Albertson’s isn’t carrying them anymore, as far as I can tell. Tragic.  In my book, this is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. The chips stay somewhat melty, even after the cookies have cooked.  The texture is just the right amount of chewy and soft…cookie heaven.

Update: Found the chips at Vons!  If you have a Safeway near you, you just may be in luck!!

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