Creamy Carrot Soup with Scallions and Poppy Seeds

Not that I am into crazy dieting schemes anymore, but I think a soup diet would be ¬†an interesting idea and I’ve always wanted to try it. Obviously some soups can be fat bombs, but if you make them yourself, you can completely control every aspect. Veggies and broth have so few calories yet are so filling…hmm, 2011 resolutions anyone?

By this point, you probably think I subsist solely on soup. I really don’t, but soup is definitely one of my favorite things to order at restaurants and make at home. Soup is also a great meal starter because it is warming, filling, low-calorie, and usually a great way to sneak in a serving of vegetables and the nutrients they provide.

In my experience, I have found some carrot soups (even from the best restaurants) to be on the bland side. For this recipe, I used homemade stock, which automatically adds richness; the scallions and poppy seeds add even more flavor.

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Root Veggies and Wild Rice

roots for roastin'

So I got my wisdom tooth out this morning! I only had one, which is on the rare side. Did you know you can get FIVE? Oh my gosh…I woke up from a long nap this morning and started to cry because it hurt so badly…I don’t think I’d be able to handle more than one! Anyway, Brian took fabulous care of me and I basically just slept all day…so all in all, I survived.

If you’ve ever had any kind of surgery or been put under anesthesia, you know there are some rules. You can’t drink any alcohol the night before, which is a HUGE bummer when you’re nervous and just want a simple glass of wine! You also can’t eat or drink anything for a varying amount of time the night before – I couldn’t eat from midnight on.

Because I always think about food and don’t like being hungry, I knew I needed a nice filling dinner. Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks had just posted this recipe for Autumn Potato Salad, so using that as an inspiration, I came home from class and got roasting!

Fun fact: I had never tried a parsnip before last night. They’re good! Reminded me of a combination of a yucca and a plaintain…weird I know!

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