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My name is Laura. Paso Robles wine country, California is where I call home, although I spent my childhood in New England and went to college in New Jersey.

My dad was a chef in his day, and so by default I began cooking at a very young age.  My whole life, cooking and baking has been a way for me to unwind, to entertain, and to learn. My blog documents my cooking adventures – traditional family recipes, experimenting with brand-new foods I find at farmer’s markets and local specialty shops, and exploring new wines and the foods that pair with them.

me at four: pizza maker extrordinaire

me at four: pizza maker extraordinaire

What you should know:

Unless otherwise noted, all the photos on this site were shot by Laura Zolnoski.  Please do not use them on your site or elsewhere without my permission, proper credit, and a link back to Sweet Life Laur.  The same goes for the recipes – they’re original, written by me unless I say otherwise. I love to share, but I do not love people who steal!

Please feel free to leave comments with questions, suggestions, or whatever you like – I love feedback!

Lastly, for your reading pleasure, there is an option to have my recipes e-mailed to you; you can also add my site to your RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, or recommend Sweet Life Laur to your favorite sites – all these buttons are on the right sidebar.




17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Laura,

    Your website is amazing! I can’t wait until I make your Guittard cookies 🙂 Sounds yummy!

    -Jackie ( The Daily Plate)

  2. Hi Laura,
    Kim was at our house last week for a Vermont get together. She showed me your site an said I HAD to check it out. WOW! is all I can say. I sat here and went through the whole thing. Incredible job. I still can’t believe you graduated, I remember the day you started college and Kim being the proud AUNT telling me all your acomplishments over the years. Tell your mom I said hello and stop by if you get over to VT!
    Nancy Brown

  3. GREAT web site!!!
    You have two cousins with one year old’s…how about a kid’s recipe? One with no carrots preferably- Liam has something against carrots.

  4. Believe it or not we have the same last name! Seriously- the one on my email is my radio name! And your banner at the top of the page is making me real hungry!

    Craving some fruity wine bliss for memorial day weekend.

    My sweet cousin, you are one of my go-to spots when I need recipes. I am so sad 😦 I could not find a sangria recipe… I am sure you have one you can send me. Not too sweet, and mmm lots of fruit.


  6. Hi Laura,

    Our magazine is looking for women living in Wine Country. If you would say you fit the bill, and a quick interview is something that interests you, please feel free to send me an e-mail!

    Thank you!

  7. Just spent 3 days in Paso Robles and SLO signing up wineries to become members of our wine app network. You live in a wonderful place (Paso) and the people there could not be more gracious. Cheers to you and your travels!

    • Hi Patrick! Thank you for the comment; I’m so glad you enjoyed our area! I’d love to hear more about your app and make sure that the wineries I work with are involved. I am on vacation right now but will be in touch when I return. Cheers!

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