Steamed Leeks with Mustard–Shallot Vinaigrette

mustard leeks

This afternoon, I knew I wanted to cook something.  I had two hours in between getting home from work and driving to meet Brian, in which I had to make myself look presentable after seven hours with three hyper children, cook something, and write this post.

It’s times like these where “Advanced Search” features come in handy.  I clicked over to my go-to recipe site, Food and Wine.  I thought about what I actually had in my fridge: “lemonade, leeks, cheese…umm…” Leeks it was.  Leeks+Fast+Healthy+Vegetarian brought up a few results, and this was the one I instantly decided I wanted to make.  It’s essentially leek salad with homemade dressing, and I think it would be best as a side (unless you’re weird like me and would enjoy eating an entire plate of leeks). My parents tried it, and came up with “Interesting,” and, four seconds later, “That’s good!”  So there you have it.  Deeelish and easy!

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Breadless Bruschetta


You might argue that bread is what makes bruschetta – actually, I wouldn’t dispute that. However, sometimes, when you’ve been baking many delicious treats…containing lots of delicious butter, sugar, and flour…you realize you might want to cut back or you’re going to end up with a belly.  I won’t name any names.

Technically, this should be called a tomato salad.  But who wants to get technical?

This recipe is a way to get all the flavor of bruschetta without any of the guilt or empty calories – just the healthy stuff!  Also, it’s a great way to use up the delicious tomatoes that are probably abundant in your garden right about now.  It only takes about five minutes to make!

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Tortellini Salad

Tortellini Salad

I’ve never been a pasta salad fan, and when I think about it I think pasta and funky vegetables all covered in a thick mayo dressing…the last thing I want on a hot day is a bunch of fat weighing me down! This salad is different.  It is fairly light (it is still pasta and cheese, but no heavy dressing!), and served cool or at room temperature, and I find it to be very refreshing alongside something hot off the grill.  It is also perfect for a light dinner on an evening in the park.

This tortellini salad has been a favorite of mine my whole life.  The recipe is my mom’s, and I remember it from countless picnics and school lunches.  It’s always a hit and it’s very easy to throw together.  I made it for the Fourth of July, and everyone enjoyed it!

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