Vegetable Noodle Soup

Fall is barely here on the Central Coast, but I’ve already come down with my first cold of the season – I’m sure 20+ hours on multiple airplanes and sleep deprivation had something to do with it. Yesterday morning I woke up hurtin’, and I knew the only thing that would help would be a big bowl of soup.

I threw this together using the vegetables we had in our fridge (hence the baby carrots – use regular carrots if you can), so keep in mind that it is very flexible. This was quick to make, and it was just the thing I needed. The almost-raw garlic is a great cold fighter!

The positive thing? The first cold of the season means the first soup post of the season! Enjoy it!

Vegetable Noodle Soup
serves 2

1/2 cup roughly chopped celery
1/2 cup onion, in chunks or slices
1/2 cup carrots, cut into chunks
1/2 cup zucchini, cut into chunks
1/2 cup green beans, cut to bite-size pieces
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
2 ounces uncooked noodles of your choice
1/2 cup cooked farro
salt and pepper to taste

Sauté celery, carrot, and onion with a pinch of kosher salt until onions are softened. Add zucchini and green beans, sauté 5 minutes. Add minced garlic and stir to disperse.

Meanwhile, bring broth to a boil and add 2 fresh thyme sprigs and one bay leaf. Cook pasta according to package directions in the broth (instead of boiling water). When pasta is ready, remove thyme sprigs and bay leaf and add vegetables and farro to broth. Season to taste with pepper and salt, and serve.


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