Fried Fish Sandwiches

This recipe was inspired by summer – there’s nothing like a lazy meal on a hot day (preferably by the water). These sandwiches take me to one of those typical fish joints on the beach where they call your number over a loudspeaker when your order is ready – because of course, who wants to be indoors in the summertime? Easy, quick, fresh and delicious; and honestly, not that bad for you compared to other fried things you might imbibe in this summer (Deep Fried Twinkies?).

If you want to class up your homemade fried fish even more, I would recommend pairing these with a bright Rosé. I am beyond obsessed with Villicana Winery’s 2010 Rosé – I literally take it to every summer social event and drink it at home, too. The wine goes great with spicy foods and while this fish isn’t particularly spicy, if you wanted to up the cayenne to a full teaspoon or sprinkle some on while cooking, you’d definitely get a nice kick. Cheers!

Fried Fish Sandwiches
serves two 

2-3 tablespoons Canola Oil
– butter
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup flour
3/4 pound Tilapia or Sand Dabs (Pier 46 usually has both of these)
– Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Black Pepper
2 potato rolls
– Tartar sauce or Mayo (or Veganaise, which is awesome!)
– Tomato slices, lettuce, onion slices (optional)

1. Heat cast iron skillet on medium-low and heat 2 tablespoons Canola Oil with 2 tablespoons butter.
2. While skillet heats, season flour with cayenne, salt, and black pepper. Dredge filets in milk, then flour mixture.
3. When oil and butter are nice and hot, place the filets in the pan. Fry for about four minutes on each side. You might want to add a little more butter while it cooks.
4. Meanwhile, butter potato rolls on cut side and place a non-stick pan on medium heat. Toast until golden. If you prefer, spread one side of the roll with mayo, tartar sauce, or Veganaise. When fish is done, put your sandwich together and dig in!

We had the fish sandwiches with green beans cooked in olive oil, salt, and pepper but it would be great with french fries or a green salad, too.

My darling boyfriend, who is the cast-iron cooking expert in this house. Doesn’t he look especially awesome using my pink spatula tongs?


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