Yeast-Risen Brown Butter Waffles

I’ve always been into hot breakfasts. Usually it’s egg whites and a little cheddar or parmesan with an English muffin. Lately, I’ve snuck in a German Pancake here and there (here’s the trick: Wake up, preheat the oven, make the batter, and let it start to bake while you shower!). This is another quick and tasty morning recipe – as long as you’re feeling dedicated the night before.

It was one of those nights when I had a lot of excess energy. It was around 10pm, a Tuesday, Tim was on the road, I was bored, the faces and tasks of the new job were running through my brain, the dog was hyper, and I decided I wanted waffles. Luckily, I convinced myself to wait until morning…but decided to get a head start that night!

I remembered seeing an overnight waffle recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Joy the Baker. The waffles in this recipe have yeast in them, so a fabulous yeasty flavor develops overnight. Adapted from a King Arthur recipe, Joy’s waffles were slightly sweet, brown-butter-nutty, and, well, homemade waffles on a weekday morning are extra fantastic just for that reason.

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Yeast-Risen Brown Butter Waffles

from Joy the Baker

Check out the recipe here on Joy’s page!



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