Curried Tofu Scramble

tofu scramble

Did you know that the more times you try a certain food, the more likely you are to develop a taste for it?  It’s true – that’s why it’s important to keep putting foods that your kids hate on their plate.  If they try it every time, one day it won’t be so bad.  Later, it will be kinda good.  One day, they just might love it.  It’s true.

Knowing this scientific information, I try things I think I don’t like over and over.  One day, I found out I liked artichoke.  Salmon on the other hand…now salmon and I have yet to develop a relationship.  I’ve tried it smoked, raw, baked, grilled, you name it…blechhhh.

Tofu is one of those things I am in the process of liking, if you will.

So I tried something new.  I made a tofu scramble.  Tofu is something I didn’t grow up with, and I haven’t fully acquired a taste for it yet, but it’s doable.  The first time I had it, I was thirteen years old and it was on an airplane…not really a great idea.  Since then, we have developing a relationship.

I liked this tofu scramble…I didn’t love it.  You might love it love it though, especially if you and tofu already have a good thing going.  Bonus! It made the house smell like delicious curry for the whole morning…yum!

I don’t have time to type out the recipe this morning (I’m in the midst of a 58+ hour workweek) – but you can find it here, and I will work on adding it here when I have a few moments on Saturday morning.

Enjoy – let me know what you think!

Laura Note:  I just used a regular curry powder from the store.

spinach stems


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