San Diego, Catalina, and Ensenada Vacation

me with ship

I’m baaack!  Vacation was great.  Read on for some fun photos and a little bit about what we did each day!

On Sunday evening, Brian and I began the long drive in Holiday Weekend Traffic…seven hours and one stop at Freebirds in Santa Barbara later, we arrived in San Diego.  We stayed with my “sister” Lauren and her boyfriend, Ped.  Lauren and I met when we were five, and she is pretty much family, so I was thrilled that she and Ped finally got to meet Brian!  We spent that night and the next day enjoying San Diego.

On Labor Day, we met up with one of Brian’s best friends from high school, Niccolo…we had quite a fun crew for the day!


We went to C Level and had cocktails overlooking the port and our cruise ship.

C Level

We went to Coronado, saw the gorgeous Hotel Del, and ate the best gelato I’ve ever tasted in America at Nado Gelato (kiwi! what!).  Niccolo actually makes the gelato.  How cool is that??


the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado...let's stay here next time!

Then we boarded our ship and set sail!!

bon voyage

tropical drinks and downtown

The first day was a sea day, so we relaxed, went hot tubbing, ate, and laid out.


catalinaThe second day we went to Catalina.  I had never been there. Brian was a great tour guide – he showed me all around the cute little beach town.

We went mini-golfing, which is my new favorite sport, and had beers on the beach and delicious pizza with a gorgeous view for lunch.

mini golf

The third day we went to Ensenada.  In the morning, we went horseback riding up in the hills.


lazy Salsa and energetic Dakota

That afternoon, Brian (using his stellar Spanish skills) got us a taxi out to La Boufadora, one of three blowholes in the world (the other two are in Hawaii and Australia).

la boufadora

The taxi driver was great, he even took us to this gorgeous vista point – we felt pretty lucky!


I was somewhat worried we were going to tumble off the edge

We spent one more night on the ship, and then made the long drive back home yesterday.

Penelope the Pig, my favorite towel animal of the cruise

Penelope the Pig, my favorite towel animal of the cruise

Now it’s back to the real world……


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