Authentic Swiss Fondue


One of my very best friends in the world was born and spent his childhood in Bern, Switzerland.  Sergej is, by default, a master of many traditional Swiss recipes, one of which is this delicious fondue.  He recently came over one evening and taught me how to make it…and now, darling reader, you better be feeling pretty lucky that he has allowed me to share this!

This is a great party food – it’s pretty thrilling to gather around a pot of cheese with good friends and wine.  In fact, one of my best friends – hi, Andrea! – always got a big group together to go to Melting Pot for her birthday during college. Yummm.

So yeah, go ahead and make this really soon.  The only deterrent is probably the availability of a fondue pot, but I bet you can find a set on ebay or at a thrift store for cheap.  So worth it!

cheers to the chef

cheers to the chef

Swiss Fondue

: When it comes to cheese in this recipe, the stronger the better!

1 loaf crusty bread
5 oz Gruyere cheese
5 oz Emmentale cheese (can be substituted with Appenzeller)
About 1 cup dry white wine
1-2 cloves garlic

1.Prepare bread: Cut into large cubes.  Make sure that each cube has crust, or you’ll lose your bread!

Prepare cheese: Grate or cut both cheeses into cubes.  Sergej note: Grated is best, but time consuming – cubes also work.  Put cheese into large Ziploc bag and add cornstarch to lightly coat.

2. Rub down the inside of your Fondue pot with crushed garlic clove. Sergej note: The best pots are ceramic, do not use metal you’ll never be able to clean it out.

3. Add wine to pot. Put pot on stove, on lowest heat possible.  When the wine is
warm, add prepared cheese.  Constantly stir mixture. If desired, add additional, pressed garlic to taste.

queso y vino

4. Once cheese starts melting, check to see if it is a consistent mixture (it should all be the same color). If it is even slightly separated add more cornstarch until it is one homogeneous mixture. Keep stirring, and be patient!ready

5.  When cheese is completely melted and incorporated, light flame on fondue pot warmer.  Transfer pot from stove to warmer.  Spear bread with fondue forks, dip in fondue, and ENJOY!  Grind black pepper on individual bites, if desired.

close up

Laura note:  I also cut up a bunch of apples for dipping – Sergej had never heard of doing this, but I knew I would need to cut the carb and fat overload with something.  Apples were delish.


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