Brian’s Key Lime Sublime

Key Lime SublimeMy boyfriend Brian makes fab cocktails.  He came over the other night for a post-work cocktail, only to find that there weren’t really any mixers in my house (greattt job Laur).  We found a week-old bottle of tangerine lime seltzer and key limes…”That will work,” he said, and my champion improviser went to work.

We were both expecting sub-par, but this drink turned out to be great – I credit the bartending skills (…and the limes).

Brian’s Key Lime Sublime
(he even comes up with clever names)

1 part Skyy vodka
1 part Safeway “Clear” Tangerine Lime sparkling water
1 key lime.

Pour vodka and sparkling water in a shaker with lots of ice.

Shake well to dilute some of the carbonation.

Serve over ice in a rocks glass with one key lime quarted and squeezed on top.

Stir right before serving.

I like the bartenderrr

I like the bartenderrr


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